Analytics Implementations and Audits

Without correct data, you can’t optimize your site and make crucial business decisions.

Not tracking important data-points means missing out a huge potential, but making decisions based on false data is even worse.
Most analytics setups we’ve seen are full of different shortcomings and
many of them are showing skewed data.

Analytics Implementation

With our Analytics implementation service, we will make sure that you can trust your data.
Keeping the best business and security practices in mind, we do analytics setups from scratch or improve the system you already have.

Working closely with your team, we make sure all the relevant KPI metrics and dimensions are correctly tracked.
Besides the most important KPI-s, we make sure that we measure all the relevant user-actions and micro conversions.

Our goal is to make sure you have a strong and profit-oriented analytics toolset where everything is well-integrated and working without silos.

90% of analytics configurations we come across are broken one way or another.

Once we complete the audit and fix the problems, we’ll sum up our findings into a report which we will present to you over Skype/Zoom call.You will also receive your copy in a PDF format.

Scoring sheet from our Google Analytics implementation report

Analytics Audit

So, you are collecting a lot of new data, and it’s time to start mining some actionable insights. What you need is top-notch analytics expertise that is capable of working across different platforms and industries. Finding such people is both challenging and expensive, not to mention that the need for such expertise is often seasonal.
We have experience with most digital analytics, business intelligence, and A/B testing platforms.
We will use Google Analytics to understand where the problems are on
the website, identify all drop-off points, and where your website is leaking money.
That will allow us to offer you a list of actionable steps towards solving those problems and also finding new growth opportunities.

A page from our analytics audit

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